Identity and Differences

The 19th edition of the Triennale was recognised by the BIE on 8 June 1994 and was held between February and June 1996. It was the first edition of the international exhibition to be recognised since the Triennale di Milano institution became a permanent structure.

Now a permanent cultural venue, the Palazzo dell’Arte featured a new entrance, vestibule, impluvium and bookstore designed by Umberto Riva, while Gae Aulenti created a semi-permanent structure on the ground floor.

With the overall theme “Identity and Differences”, the 1996 edition of the Triennale was organised under the guidance of architect Pietro Derossi and reflected initiatives and changes that were taking place across the world at the time, gathering 27 participating countries. In the introductory section, four architectural studios – Peter Eisenman, Hodgetts & Fung, Jean Nouvel and Juan Navarro Baldeweg – featured exhibits in relation to the theme.

Peter Eisenman’s “Delirium” was the most prominent of these, marking a return to radical experimentation, intellectual provocation and the search for new beauty in architecture at the Palazzo dell’Arte.